John Dionne announces candidacy for Governor of Idaho

Libertarian Gubernatorial Campaign prioritizes bill of rights

Boise, ID -  

John Dionne, a native Idahoan, announced his run for libertarian campaign for Governor of Idaho.  Dionne launched his campaign early in the race on a platform focused on prioritizing the bill of rights in Idahoan politics.  

Dionne hopes to use his first term in office to repeal the grocery sales tax, enact legislation on fair property tax, institute his Seniors Care Act, and remove the Idaho government from the liquor business. “This Country, nor this State, were founded with the Idea that the government would control the lives of its citizens. Control needs to be given back to the people. “ Dionne stated, “I believe all levels of government have their functions. However the lowest levels should hold the most power.”

The Libertarian Party of Idaho exists to promote individual liberty and constitutionally-limited government in the state of Idaho and its 44 counties.  Our vision is elected and appointed government officials throughout Idaho who prioritize Life, Liberty, Property, and Happiness, as defined by the individual, instead of special interests and partisanship.

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The Libertarian Party (LP) was founded in 1971 and is the third largest political party in the United States. The LP seeks to expand personal freedoms, dramatically reduce taxes and government interference in the economy, and avoid meddling in overseas conflicts.  The Libertarian Party of Idaho is an affiliate of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) and one of the four major parties in Idaho.