Libertarian Party of Idaho Endorses Joe Evans

Libertarian Candidate for Congressional District 1

Boise, ID -  The Libertarian Party of Idaho endorses Joseph Evans for U.S. Congressional District 1 in Idaho, ahead of the 2022 race.  Evans is a lifelong resident of Idaho, and a US Army Afghanistan veteran announced his candidacy today on the steps of the State Capitol Building.

“A lot of people ask, why don't you run Republican, why don't you run Democrat? Well, because both of those parties left me a long time ago. The libertarian party is the only party… that continues to support liberty and personal freedoms. It is the only party that has consistently been anti war… The libertarian party has no compunction on ending the war on drugs. And violence against women and children has been a big issue for me. It is something that neither party has been able to address in any meaningful way.” Joe declared in his speech. 

This is Joe’s second run for the first congressional seat. In 2020, Joe received 3.6% of the vote. He has participated in pro-cannabis debates, volunteers in community gardens, veteran outreach, and KindIdaho. 

“Joe is a fierce advocate for bringing our troops home, ending the drug war, and protecting liberty in Idaho, all qualities that make him exactly the kind of champion Idaho deserves as a representative in the US Congress. We need to look forward to fighting alongside him though next November.” Stated Jennifer Imhoff, Party Chair.

More information about Joe’s Campaign can be found at his campaign website