2022 LNC Candidate Statements

All known candidates were identified and asked to submit a 250 word statement and/or link to a video introduction. 

Content displayed as submitted to the LPID. All statements made by the candidate represent the individual and not the Libertarian Party of Idaho.

Candidates who have submitted content to us are listed below in alphabetical order.


LNC Chair 


Steve Dasbach 


Candidate Video 

Greetings fellow freedom fighters. I’m Steve Dasbach, and I’m running for national chair because the LNC needs to focus on outreach and growth if we want to succeed.

During my previous tenure as chair, membership increased 180% and fundraising increased 200%. In 2000 when I served as executive director, we reached 33 thousand members and raised over $3.3 million. This growth enabled us to build stronger state and local parties, run more candidates, elect more Libertarians to public office, and ensure 50-state ballot access three elections in a row.

Over the nine years I served as chair, then executive director, media appearances increased 1300%. We did this with timely, bold, and creative messaging, solidly based on Libertarian principles and our platform.

When I served as Jo Jorgensen’s campaign manager in 2020, we raised $3.5 million from 40 thousand donors, three quarters of whom were new to the LP, mostly through social media. I will personally work to double national membership and fundraising by the next convention.

As chair, I will again focus the LNC on outreach and growth. We will take full advantage social media, provide needed support for candidates, and affiliates, and build a culture of cooperation in the LNC.

A strong growing Libertarian Party is needed now more than ever to “challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual." Working together, we make it happen. For more information on my campaign, and to get involved, please visit stevedasbach.com. That’s stevedasbach.com. Thank you!



Angela McArdle 


Candidate Video 

"We have the most beautiful political philosophy in existence. My vision is to mold us into a party that reflects that beautiful vision; to inspire people to break free from their ideological chains, pursue personal freedom, and vote libertarian.

I believe that strategic planning, visionary leadership, and a collaborative LNC will make the national Libertarian Party into an effective vessel for liberty that we can all be proud of again.

We’ll become much more effective when we work towards a goal that takes into account the desires of most of the hard working activists in our party (bold messaging AND winning elections). As chair, I’ll work to build a healthy boardroom culture on the LNC. We’ll reorient our national messaging with a libertarian message that resonates with working class people, expand our candidate & affiliate support programs, and improve our communication with state affiliates.

As we improve our messaging, and behavior towards one another, we’ll begin to see our membership rates climb and bring in more donors. We’ll create a transparent budget and make more information and resources available to our affiliates and candidates.

If you have an idea, question, or concern, or if you’d like to review my strategic plan summary, please reach out to me at angelamcardle.com.



LNC Vice Chair


Erik Raudsep 

My name is Erik Raudsep and I am running to be your next Vice Chair. I am running in order to be a unifying factor for the Libertarian party. I have a proven history of being a bridge builder. This can be achieved through bold and yet compassionate messaging. Along with an organization that will drive success on the next LNC. I have a full strategic operations plan that I would be more than happy to share with you. You can reach me on Facebook or at [email protected]. I ask for your support in Reno for vice chair for the future of our party.


LNC Secretary


Caryn Ann Harlos


Candidate Video 

Leadership is about raising the bar, especially in non-profit organizations where the attitude of being just a volunteer is too well accepted.  In past service, I revolutionized the Secretary role from mostly ministerial and clerical to an active educational leadership role.  I overhauled how votes were reported making them more accessible to the membership, and made the motion history and minutes member-friendly in both navigation and usefulness for staying on top of national party’s action or inaction.

I’ve fought to bring the highest level of transparency to members. It is not always easy, and often in doing so things appear worse before they get better. My tenacity is unmatched when it comes to ensuring members are fully informed about their party. And I have no intention of giving any less.

Our bylaws state, “The Party is organized to implement and give voice to the principles embodied in the Statement of Principles.” The very first sentence in the Statement of Principles says, “We, the members of the Libertarian Party, challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and defend the rights of the individual.

Re-elect me and I’ll continue to set the standard for work ethic, reaching for new heights, and ensuring the organization is prepared at all times to defend the rights of each individual against the cult of the omnipotent state.


LNC Treasurer


Todd Hagopian 


Candidate Video

Todd Hagopian is a husband, and a father of four young men first.  Second, he is a Libertarian Activist who fights every day for civil rights for all people.  Third, he is a candidate for LNC Treasurer.

Todd has spent most of the past 15 years turning around business units of Fortune 500 companies.  He has made a living out of being dropped into bad situations, diagnosing the problem, creating a strategy, then turning around the business.  

After leaving the Fortune 500, Todd started Cash Flow Acquisitions, Inc, which he used to purchase 2 more companies, bringing his total portfolio to over $5M in revenue and 15 employees.

In the LP, Todd has served as the Tulsa Region Chair, as well as the Oklahoma Libertarian Party State Treasurer. 

Todd’s mission is to help the LNC transform from a fledgling organization to a

cutting edge, strategic, political machine through transforming the Treasurer role from that of an accountant, to that of a Chief Financial Officer.  

We will come up with a fair way to share data back and forth between National and the States to bolster STATE AFFILIATE GROWTH. 

We will implement Cycle-Based fundraising where we have a strategy to market our fundraising to different portions of the party, at different times, for different reasons, based on where we are in the political cycle.  We will be RAISING MONEY EFFECTIVELY on purpose, instead of just hiring more staff and hoping that the fundraising comes. 

Vote for Todd Hagopian for LNC Treasurer!


LNC At Large


Dustin Blankenship


Candidate Video 

Over the past year, I’ve been intently watching the goings on of the Libertarian Party. Without a doubt, we can all say that we have seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. Throughout my professional career, I have always stepped in and stepped up when things have gone awry. It is my belief that the time has come for me to step up yet again.

There’s a disconnect between the Libertarian Party and the Liberty movement. On all sides of the issues, we’ve fallen into the trap of identity politics and allowed our own egos to outshine the needs of this Party, this nation, and most important, the people. Political narcissism has overtaken a segment of our leadership leading to an “us vs. them” mentality and a belief that all Libertarians must agree on all issues. I do not wish to be one of the people sitting on the sidelines complaining, posting on Facebook about the problems, and doing nothing.

Because of this, I hear a call to action within my soul. Because of this, I am running for an At-Large position on the Libertarian National Committee. Over the past decade, I have served as a national executive for a 501c7 nonprofit, served on multiple nonprofit corporate boards, organized county campaigns for a major political party, and educated hundreds of students as a college professor training students for practical work as legal office assistants, business managers, and HR professionals. I hold a J.D. and M.P.A. from West Virginia University and B.A. in History from Concord University. I am currently working with the West Virginia Libertarian Party to help build our base, get others elected, and serving as a delegate in Reno.

I believe it is important to transcend the factions that have developed within the LP. Our goal should be to unite the party towards the goal of Liberty and Personal Freedom. If this past year has taught us anything, it is that we as a party and as a nation need to do more to empower one another to make positive choices for ourselves. I believe that we can accomplish great things together. If I am so honored to win in Reno, I promise to go above and beyond in this role and serve with dignity striving daily to increase the visibility of the party and improve the messaging to continue to grow the party over the coming years.

In short:

1. Don’t hurt other people.

2. Taxation if theft.

3. Help your neighbors, yes, all of them (even the ones you don’t like).

4. Work to limit government and end overreach.

5. Audit the fed.

6. Legalize it.

7. Promote Personal Liberty AND Personal Responsibility

8. End the wars, bring our troops home, and show them respect and dignity when they return.

9. Respect all cultural and religious differences.

10. Take Human Action



Pietro Geraci


Candidate Video 

Are you ready to end the drama and grow the party‽ I know I am! The LNC currently seems more focused on squabbling about “decorum” than actually getting work done and moving the party forward, and I’m running to change that! I am seeking to serve as the Region 8 Representative, but if that effort falls through, then I’m running for an at-large position. As a teacher, I know how to manage conflict and ensure smooth operations so I can help my students learn the material and develop their critical thinking skills, and I can use that knowledge to ensure the LNC is a cooperative and professional body that can be a model for Libertarians to look up to.

The LNC’s main responsibility is the allocation of resources to grow the party and advance liberty. I want to empower state and local affiliates so they can empower activists on the ground to help set America free in our lifetimes. I also want to increase youth engagement and maintain an inclusive party atmosphere where anyone and everyone can feel welcome. I believe we need more transparency from the LNC, which means no more gigantic email chains and no more backroom shenanigans. 

I am the only candidate who plays the bagpipes. I currently serve as Chair of my County Affiliate and on the LPNY State and Executive Committees. My only caucus affiliation is the Youth Caucus, and I enjoy traveling, especially by train. .

End the drama. Grow the party. Piet for LNC.